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Stories are powerful marketing tools

The DIC Centres of SPA New Delhi, IIT Delhi and University of Delhi (DU) collaborated for an interdisciplinary student’s engagement mega-event, for all students enrolled in colleges of Delhi,
called the Delhi Design Innovation Boot Camp (DDIBC). The inter-disciplinary teams had students from engineering, design and social science fields working together towards solutions to an unmet need. Quick Ideation Techniques and Business Model Canvas were introduced to the students to think creatively and generate lots of ideas in limited time frame which helped them past obvious solutions and also come up with value proposition for their idea along with what all would be required to take their idea to market.

The mode of the workshops was interactive, engaging and activity based – using ice-breaker, case studies, real life examples with power point presentations, videos, and trainer led discussions. Delhi Design Innovation Boot Camp was conducted over   span of four months from September to December with the participation of 150 students. The 1st Workshop was held in University of Delhi, the 2nd workshop in School of Planning and  Architecture, New Delhi and the 3rd workshop was held in IIT Delhi and was followed by a 5 day camp that culminated in development of prototypes at the University of Delhi.