Project Description

Project Lead :
Prof. Dr. V K Paul

Research Associates :
Gaurav Govinda, Varun Seth, Sanidhya Pal

About the Project

The Building Fire Risk Evaluation system, the B-FiRE, is a risk evaluation system to measure the effectiveness of building designs, services and systems installed to to prevent, protect and ensuring life safety of occupants in the event of fire. The system follows a body of knowledge which includes the design inputs from relevant codes and standards. The system extensively evaluates a building on 12 different criteria for which information is provided in the form of choices and codal requirement is kept as baseline for comparison. The application is reformed version of the evaluation system available in public domain with the purpose of greater reach and widespread implementation of evaluation system. The application is the result of collaborative efforts of BEM Department of SPA New Delhi and IFE. The research works done by faculty and students of BEM Department and IFE, as knowledge partners successfully shaped the evaluation system and the B-FiRE mobile based application