Project Description

Project Lead :
Prof. Dr. Meenakshi Dhote

Research Associates :
Himanshu Panwar

App Development :
Sagar Bilwal

About the Project

Cities present multiple opportunities to create a more sustainable future by way of enhancing resource-efficiency, reducing ecological footprints and fostering innovation, political leadership and social responsibility. The imperative for biodiversity in cities therefore goes beyond simple conservation, to considerations of internalizing provisions of ecosystem services, which would otherwise be sought from outside the city. By presenting a practical approach to biodiversity planning and management, this app seeks to help local governments harness available resources and opportunities to address global biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation by providing them a baseline database of biodiversity of the city. Which would further help them to prepare Local Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (LBSAP) under the mandate of Section 41 of Biological Diversity Act -2002 providing the scope to Municipal Corporations to perform all the activities relevant to its overall Biodiversity Management