Project Description

Project Lead :
Ruchita Gupta, Harshita Deo, P.S.N Rao, Mayank Mathur

Research Associates :
Anwesha Chandra, Savitri Kumari

About the Project

This project narrows down on the settlement of Unauthorized colonies amongst the other typologies informal settlements that exists in the city Of Delhi that is grappling with the looming crisis
of housing shortage. These high density settlements face issues of land title, lack of building permits and g+4 houses built on tight plot sizes closed on three sides with no regard for light and ventilation which ultimately affects the living condition, health and psyche of the residents.

The project aims to identify the prevailing plot sizes in these settlements across Delhi and come up with design prototypes for these fixed sizes that are found within the range of 25,50,75 and 100 sq yard plots. It seeks to explore solutions through innovative designs that can find solutions to their problems of storage, light and ventilation while accounting for structural safety and sanitation with use of locally available construction materials.

The design shall leave scope for additions and modifications via principles of incremental housing within the height restriction of 15mts. It would enable vertical expansion and flexible usage of space for shops and rental. The project envisions to compare the ground reality with the given standards and measure the extent of deviation and in the process come up with negotiated standards that can work on ground without compromising quality of living.