Project Description

Project Lead :
Aditi Singh, Parag Anand

Research Associates :
Radhika Ojha

About the Project

According to statistical data, 189 million students live in rural India and it is estimated that 81.2 million of these students use kerosene for their basic lightening needs, as this hazardous source of energy, is the only one easily available to them. Kerosene is hazardous to human health and the environment and is expensive to use on a daily basis. Lack of adequate lighting affects the ability of children to study in low lighting conditions, subsequently impacting their performance in the classroom as well. Jugnoo is a ‘Do-lt-Yourself (DIY] kit that helps children make their own solar study lights, where electricity is scarce, providing them with a personalised lighting solution. The components of the kit, including the packaging enable putting this lamp together. With no wiring exposed it is completely robust and safe. The solar module is designed to encourage the child to carry it to school, recharging it in the process. The design also encourages tinkering and instilling confidence in making things by oneself.