Project Description

Project Lead :
Prof. Jatin Bhatt

Research Associates :
Tanya Malhotra, Siddarth Nair, Shaahkar Sidique, Edrina Newton, Anish P Abraham, Nikil Augustine, Jojo Thomas

About the Project

The project aims to include cycle rickshaws and e-rickshaws in the para- transit system by building an appropriate technology-based system which facilitates seamless first & last mile connectivity. Besides this, the larger aim of the project is to make these modes easily available at the locations that are in need of service by working around technology based solutions, while simultaneously uplifting and incentivising the rickshaw operators who will be the essential part of the service. The work on the project started with building a GPS device which works on 2G technology as this is base technology available anywhere in the country.

While 60 percent of work was already done, a design iteration suggested that not just a physical device, but also an android app will be an appropriate solution since the cost of smart phones have drastically gone down and also to give it a pan India approach. The Centre will be collaborating with All India Rickshaw Puller Association in order to pilot test both the design prototypes in various parts of Delhi and feedback from rickshaw operators and commuters will be recorded.