Project Description

Project Lead :
Aditi Singh, Parag Anand

Research Associates :
Geetika Garg

About the Project

Tuberculosis is a communicable disease which, most commonly, affects the lungs of a person and could be fatal in aggravated state or in combination with diseases affecting the immune system.

To curb this disease, WHO aims to eradicated TB by 2030. India, too, has set in motion an extensive plan to eradicate TB by 2025.

TB in its active state displays symptoms that could easily be mistaken for common flu, thus preventing people from accessing healthcare facilities. Most commonly used diagnostic tests require a laboratory, qualified healthcare provider and take days to deliver confirm results. An analysis of body fluids at the molecular level could deliver exact and quick results. However, these machines are very expensive and require an elaborate set up making them inaccessible in rural areas.

As a result, MycoKit is an affordable and ergonomic diagnostic device, designed by striking an optimum trade-off between the use of automated devices and the skills of a briefly trained, literate adult without compromising on the precision and accuracy of results obtained.