Project Description

Project Lead :
Dr. Shweta Manchanda

Co. Project Lead :
Mekhla Parihar

Research Associates :
N. Bala Chathurvedy, Shivendra

About the Project

Shading building fenestration presents a cost effective and efficient way of reducing energy use for lighting and space conditioning. At present shading design in buildings is largely governed by standardized codes and only limited products are available in the market for customized application to building requirements. Shading devices also embody significant design value as they have the potential of modulating the very expression of a building. There is a need to develop shading devices for both new and existing buildings. The gaps identified in current market that the project seeks to fill are:

  • Product variety
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Sustainable materials
  • Easy operability

With specific solar geometry and climatic data available for different locations, as well as, software tools that can facilitate development and simulations, it is now possible to cater to more varied situations and arrive at solutions fitting each requirement. The product blends technology, materiality, construction, as well as aesthetics.