Project Description

Project Lead :
Parul Kiri Roy

Co Project Lead :
Anjali Mittal, Shuvojit Sarkar

Research Associates :
Amal V.S.,Achyut Siddu, Michael V.Ekka, Lokesh Singh, I.V.Sai Sasank

Technical Consultant :
Swati Janu

About the Project

This project looks at how transient structures of habitation and other uses are the next generation of housing for the impermanent population; as well as useful ways to provide ancillary services in the country.

The general consensus with transient habitation is that it is just temporal, movable and an impermanent footprint on the lifestyle and culture. In an ever changing landscape where land is of high value, living conditions deteriorate to a condition where the household just remains a house, not a home. How to make it a home is what the project is about without harming nature, without alienating tradition and without polluting the habits of the Indian household.

This project delves into such construction systems through a deep research and analysis. It paves the way forward in understanding the living conditions of our transient population and giving them a proper and harmonious habitation