Project Description

Project Lead :
Prof. Jatin Bhatt

Research Associates :
Tanya Malhotra, Siddarth Nair, Shaahkar Sidique, Edrina Newton, Anish P Abraham, Nikil Augustine, Jojo Thomas

About the Project

The project aims to leverage the social ecology of the households to practice organic urban farming in limited spaces of the house as a holistic process from composting to cultivation of vegetables and herbs. Inclusive participation of all constituents of households as stakeholders and beneficiaries is seen as a new social and collective value.

DIC identified and helped set up kitchen gardens in Ambedkar university, middle class colonies in Delhi NCR, and a slum in Noida Sector 8. All of the aforementioned beneficiaries ensured the sustainability of their respective gardening setups and even added a few additional crops over the period of months. Efforts are also being made to link plantation with composting as a contiguous process by building a modular kitchen gardening units which has the facility of composting. In the second phase of pilot test innovative ways are being developed to use waste RO and AC water in kitchen gardening. The service also envisage to bring together the experience and knowledge of farmer community and formal scientific knowledge to give Delhi a model that can provide its people with organic vegetables from their rooftops and balconies. These efforts will provide livelihood to the farmers and also contribute to the well-being of the population of Delhi.