Project Description

Project Lead :
Prof. Dr.Poonam Prakash

Co Project Lead:
Prof. Dr. Ashok Kumar

Research Associates :
Anusha, Sahil

About the Project

Master Plans are statutory documents prepared and modified under relevant town planning or development laws. Master plans are instruments for allocating land for different activities and users over a period of time. The project is based on the premise that current system of information related to plan modifications available with the development authorities and town planning departments is inadequate and disjointed. The organizations are therefore unable to learn from the rich experience in a systematic manner. Secondly, the citizen participation process for plan modification through public notices is ineffective. With this context, the web based application will provide:

  • consolidated understanding of plan modification process in Delhi over time and geographic area;
  • a process leading to more informed citizen participation in plan modification process;
  • assist in creating a learning institution
  • serve as a pedagogic tool, it will help students understand the plan modification process.

This web based application tracks the details of statutory modifications and fulfils existing gap of non-availability of such searchable database. The Project also provides assessment of the quantum and nature of plan modifications over time in different parts of the city. Once developed, the application would further enhance transparency and dialogue in plan modification process.